Hi Nikki and Kaya

I just want to say a massive thank you for all your hard work in making my sapphire engagement ring and wedding ring so beautiful. The finished product is definitely beyond my expectations and I'm really happy with it!

The last few days have been wonderful. The proposal was amazing and I showed the ring to our families, friends and work colleagues. Everyone thought the ring was spectacular! I can still recall their reaction and words describing the sapphire ring as 'gorgeous, beautiful, stunning and amazing'!

Many thanks for Kaya's hard work. She understood exactly what I liked and made it all possible. She has excellent customer service skills and I'm sure she will continue to be an asset to the business. Of course, the team at the store was also fantastic to deal with and I'm sure they played a key part in bringing my rings to it's beautiful finished state. So please pass on a big thank you to the team as well.

Thank you so much again! We wish the store much success in the future.

To the Manager (Angela)

I would like to write to you to convey my thanks and gratitude towards Nina over the last year. I had an insurance claim and Nina was my point of call. At all times I found her efficient, patient and genuinely interested in helping me find what I might like. Nina was so accommodating to me which was so lovely as I'm an in confident and reluctant shopper!

Her time and dedication to me as a Client was very impressive and much appreciated. Nina was an absolute delight and I wish to thank her very much.

Yours sincerely,
Janie Rose

To the manager of this store (Angela),

It was the pleasure of my wife and I to encounter an extremely wonderful person at your store. For some time now I have been wanting to have a specific piece of jewellery designed and made for my wife. We were passing your store and you don't seem to be a factory mass produced store, but more of a store with an intimate atmosphere and no pushy salespersons.

We got into a discussion with Penny and I explained my thoughts to her. I quickly drew my thoughts on a piece of paper and young Penny expanded on that idea into something we both feel in love with.

We would like it to be noted by your company that in our humble opinion if your stores are staffed by people as competent and as helpful as Penny, then you may as well turn off your cell phone and retire to Bali knowing your business is in brilliant hands.

We look forward to putting down a deposit and having the jewellery made for my wife, September is a special month for us as that is the 37th anniversary of our first kiss.

Again a special thank you to Penny

Cole and Lee

Dear Angela,

I am a customer who would like to make a special mention of the excellent service I have received.

Over a period of weeks I have been in and out of the Albany mall store deciding on a ring. On all occasions Carol and Issy were most pleasant and helpful. On Mon 3rd September I was most impressed with Carols assistance. I had a lot of queries and demands with the ring I purchased. Carol did her job exceptionally well and has even gone beyond in her efforts to help me. She helped me when I enquired about getting the ring engraved, when the ring returns from resizing Carol offered to take it to be engraved herself (as I am currently in Hamilton) she e-mailed the jeweller straight away to give me an estimated time the ring would take to resize, and even offered to personally bring the ring down to me to ensure it's prompt delivery.

These are but a few of the outstanding services your staff at Albany mall has offered me.

I thank you for employing wonderful staff and want to thank you specifically for Carol and Issy for assisting me.

Matt Donaldson

Dear Angela,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the excellent service received from your wonderful team at Sylvia Park. They exceeded my expectations from the first meeting to receiving the personally designed, beautifully hand-crafted engagement ring.

Thank you all for making this very important time that extra bit special. I cannot recommend your service enough.

Kindest Regards,
Dr Christian Miller

To the manager (Angela)

Having spent over 10 years in sales and 3 years in retail management it was with surprise and delight when I entered your St Lukes store recently.

I was with my husband (low shopping tolerance) and we were there to explore the possibility of replacing jewellery as we'd recently been burgled and our insurance company had just come through for us.

We were attended to by Hannah who although new to the store - 2 weeks she said - was delightful.. Her enthusiasm for the product opened my eyes to possibilities not before considered. She also has a unique personal style and sensitivity to her customer. She intuited what we may love and got it very right. Even more importantly for me she engaged my husband in friendly and humorous chat allowing me time and space to make my selection. He thinks shes great!

Hannah is professional, quick minded,and warm with a love for the product she sells. This is rare especially in the madness of the pre xmas mall environment.

To write commending a sales person is something I have never done. Probably because customer service with warmth, professionalism and humour is extremely rare. You have a great team at St Lukes and I will recommend your store without hesitation to friends and family.

Kind Regards,
Heidi Patterson

Hi Angela,

I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know I received my Diamond Dress Band today and I absolutely love it. I have been dazzling everyone all day with it! It was worth the wait.

Once again, I appreciate the time you spent with me in your store, and having you help me choose my other pieces. I have worn all of them and I wear them a lot, so 'we' clearly chose the right things. Better than sitting in a jewellery box and not getting worn! So much for having 6 months to 'spend' it all! It was quite surreal being able to pick and choose what I liked.

And as always, your staff have been wonderful - they have kept in touch with me all the way through with dates.

I also contacted Sylvia Park today to let them know I had received the ring.

So, I'm sure I will 'be back' in the future and all the best with your fabulous business.

Thanks so much.

Kind regards,
Angela Ward

To all the wonderful ladies I came into contact with at Angela Daniel Jewellery Newmarket.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all staff that keep in contact with me and had a hand in making my fabulous new ring an awesome reality.

I am typing away with my heavy aquamarine sparkling away and feeling very happy.

I would not hesitate recommending your business and overall service as being excellent. I look forward to working with you later this year on another project.

Kindest regards,
Alison Bell

Hi Angela,

A Big Thank You.

I just wanted to pass on my thanks to Cilla and Sophia who both made the creation and purchase process of my BEAUTIFUL engagement ring so wonderful for my fiance and I.

Cilla was amazing in assisting me with the whole thing from the very start. I was a bit of a novice when it came to diamonds, and although I had some idea of what I wanted, I really didn't know the ins and outs of selecting the perfect ring. Not only did Cilla explain the 'Four C's' of diamonds to me so well, she also went above and beyond to get the best diamonds for my ring, working within the budget that my fiance had. Thanks so much Cilla.

Sophia was also incredibly lovely and helpful with the purchase and setting up the collection from the Auckland Airport. Thanks heaps Sophia.

I am completely over the moon with the finished product and I still can't stop looking at it. Even while snorkelling in Samoa I was far too distracted by how much my ring sparkled under water!

Thanks again,

Hi Angela

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for making my gorgeous ring and having it all ready when you said you would. You and your lovely staff at St Lukes have been fantastic. I absolutely love the ring and will wear it always :-)

I wish you all the very best for 2011.

Thanks again,
Robin W.

Hi Angela

My mother returned to Hong Kong just over a week ago and picked up her diamond pendant from the duty free shop at Auckland Airport before leaving. She is pleased beyond words with the pendant, and very grateful to myself and my husband for this wonderful gift. I would like to say thank you very very much to Nina and Venetia from your Sylvia Park store for the excellent support and service they provided and for helping us to make purchasing the pendant a reality. We had looked in several other jewellery stores for a suitable necklace that would be just right as a farewell gift for my mother, but we couldn't find anything - then we saw the beautiful sparkling diamonds on the pendant at your store and knew we had found something special.

We will definitely be going back for our next jewellery purchase - I have a ring in mind for a good friend and we now know where to look first.

Thanks again,
Natalie H.

Attention: Angela Daniel

Im sure you are aware of the purchase I made recently of two custom made silver rings. We have been enjoying wearing them for just over a week now and they are fantastic. A true replica of the original and I would like you to know that I was super impressed by the top customer service I received each time I dealt with Vanessa.

Vanessa really went out of her way to keep me fully updated over the last few months. She worked very hard throughout the process to deliver a final product that is exactly what I hoped for all along. Vanessa understood my requirements and I felt so much better about the process once she stepped forward and offered to follow this through for me.

Please pass my sincere thanks onto Vanessa.

Kind regards,
Lisa P.

We just wanted to express our thanks to the girls at Angela Daniel Jewellery Newmarket- especially to Dani. You made our engagement & wedding ring buying experience (and making experience) exciting and enjoyable. We are in love with the rings and the fact you have ensured they symbolise not only our marriage but who we are.

The Taylors

Great service today. Dani went above and beyond to sort my purchase! I always love the service I receive at Angela Daniel, Great staff.

Thanks again,
Rebecca G.

Hi Angela,

Just wanted to thank you very much for my gorgeous ring that you had made for me, I'm really stoked with it, and all of my family & friends think it’s absolutely beautiful.

I really appreciated the service and help I received from Vanessa at your Albany branch, she was great.

I'm looking forward to future visits into your store.

Tahlia S.

Hi Angela

Happy with my ring? I’m absolutely rapt. It is spectacular. Took a bit of getting used to, but now I’m just flashing it everywhere. Just love it.

Later on in the year I would love you to have a look at my other ring, the chunky one with 5 diamonds, to see what we can do with that. Although I’m wearing it on the other hand it looks a bit chunky and old fashioned. I’m on a roll.

Hope you had a great trip. Ours was lovely, didn’t see much though, just couldn’t take my eyes of that damn ring.

Will be in touch

Regards Debbie S.


I just wanted to let someone know about one of your sales staff.

I was in your Downtown store today and the two ladies were lovely. However, mostly my praise has to go to the Asian lady – as she was the one assisting me. It’s the second time I’ve been in that store, and the second time she’s helped me, and twice now I’ve walked out of there with a big smile on my face – due in the most part to her being so lovely and so helpful. She has cleaned my jewellery for me both times, which I have really appreciated, and nothing seems to be too much trouble. She is a real gem – and I would love for her to be acknowledged.

By the way – I didn’t only walk away with a smile on my face today; I also walked away with a beautiful new chain and a larger link on one of my pendants which can now be threaded onto any of my chains. I have to say that there aren’t many shopping experiences that I can call utterly pleasant, but today was one of them. I will definitely be going back.


Marie A.

Hi Angela

Hope you had a great Christmas and enjoyed some rest if you managed to get any.

I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful service we got from you and your staff and I really think I need to give Jenny a special thanks because she was wonderful to Mark and I when we came in to the Newmarket store and, unlike the other shops, she was interested in us as people. Consequently she gave us great, great service.

Angela, I love the ring and I show it to anyone/everyone who gives me a second of their time. The kids are well sick of me saying "but what about the ring?" whilst holding up my hand.

Thanks again,
Ruby F.

Hi Angela,

I've recently had my engagement ring made through your Downtown store and I wanted to pass on some feedback about the experience and my ring. From the minute I walked in the door about a month ago, the Downtown team, Anita, and Rob made me feel like my engagement was the most exciting news in the world. They were professional and caring and they always seemed excited to take the next step in the journey with us. When it came to designing my ring, they took time to listen, ask questions, and dream with us about what it could be like. This gave me confidence that my ring would be perfect - and it is!!! Everyone who knows me has said the same thing - "It's so you". I think this is a reflection of the time and energy that your team has taken getting to know me and my partner. I want to compliment your team on an amazing experience and a stunning ring!

Thank you,
Maree J.

Hi Angela and staff

I have been meaning to send you this email- finally!

A big thank you for the help you gave me in the important selection of gifts for my staff member's 20 year service. By the time I entered your shop (several Saturdays ago) I was a bit stressed and 'giftless'.Time was running out. I was a bit hesitant about coming in as other jewellery store staff always seem more interested in a sale at any cost than supporting the customer. Not the case with you. Again my sincere thanks.

At our final assembly on the Monday following my Saturday shop, Janet had no idea what was in store for her. She thought she was up the front to draw the raffle winner!!! I had 20 children walk slowly in and each hand her a pink rose. The whole school counted along as we reached the 20. Then our newest 5 year-old presented Janet with the gift bag. She was speechless and overcome by this stage. Back in her office she unwrapped her surprise- several in fact. The pinky earrings went straight in. Her comment-"They will match my necklace perfectly" (as planned of course). The pendant/necklace ( dragon seal) had her in tears. Her aunt had had one and Janet had always wanted one!!!! The two charms fitted her bracelet perfectly and she cried at their obvious references to two of her passions.

Sorry to have raved on but I just wanted to 'paint a picture' of the outcome and effects of your products and our gift selection. We were brilliant!!! Thank you again and I hope 2010 is a great year for you and your team.

Vicki H.

Dear Angela

I am not 100% sure if this email will find you directly; however, it’s worth a shot.I just wanted to thank your lovely girls in the Sylvia Park store – and you actually for having such lovely quality jewellery. Your girls have always helped me and have always offered me great service with a smile. In particular Olivia (I hope I spelt her name correctly), she has been an absolute pleasure to deal with, she is always helpful (I imagine she will be a success in whatever she does in life), and so I really wanted to let you know this from a Customers perspective; especially current financial times like these when the world struggles to get by, hiring Employees be it part timers, students, casuals etc, is often challenging and as an Employer, finding suitable people to be your front line is really the one thing you would have to do right.

Anyway, this year for me has been a busy one for me, I have also been fortunate enough to be able to spoil myself with gorgeous and unique pieces from your store. I wear each item (not necessarily all at once) and love the fact that people notice my jewellery and are always commenting on my styles – this is all thanks to you!

I also want to wish you and your team all the very best for the New Year, and thank you again for providing an awesome therapeutic product to the Retail World!

Best wishes and regards,
Sula N.

Dear Angela,

Last week my partner and I purchased a ring from your Albany store. We were extremely impressed by Tian Wei your sales assistant. Her knowledge of your product is outstanding! Tian made us feel very relaxed and was hugely informative. Needless to say, it was her product knowledge and passion that sold us the only remaining ruby and diamond ring left in your store. Not bad for 2 people whose first intent was merely to have a look.

We were very impressed also with the authenticity certificate noting in detail our purchase for insurance. Purchasing that ring was an awesome experience. Our engagement ring was a passionate purchase from passionate people!

Many thanks Angela we highly recommend your store.

Kind regards,
Dianne D. and Paul H.

Congratulations on superb assistance in choosing replacement rings for our insurance claim. Vanessa was brilliant and the results are gorgeous. Very many thanks.

Colin and Barbara C.

Hi Angela,

I just recently got engaged to my fiancee and I was extremely happy with the ring and service from your store. Janie Qu was very helpful to show me all the rings within the range I specified and it was very easy from there to pick the right one. Also she provided service which I knew I could not get from any other store, exceptional. 

Just wanted to let you know. Happy New Years.


Hi there,

As the holiday season coming along, I'd like to thank you for your help and excellent services, especially to your store manager Janie Qu. I am pretty sure you get this all the time, but I really do appreciate Janie's patience, warm service, and honest opinion.

My boyfriend and I have been looking around for some time to get the 'perfect' engagement ring and wedding rings, probably all around Auckland. Thanks to Janie, we have finally made our decision and won't regret =)

Thanks again and have a great Christmas. and we could not wait to get the rings from the airport in January!!!




I just wanted to pass on some feeback about the wonderful experience my partner and I had with Angela Daniel Jewellery over the last few weeks picking out our engagement ring.

All of the staff at your Sylvia Park were spectacular in helping us to find a ring that was everything we wanted, unique, personalised and of a beautiful quality.

Penny especially was fantastic - creative in helping us select a wedding band and patient in explaining to us the characteristics of the ring and logistics of having it remade and moved mountains to make sure it was done before my partner flew back to Sydney.

We look forward to coming back into the store over the next few weeks to get the bands made and for other occasions in the future!

Thanks again,