Ready to pop the question? Here are some pointers on how you might go about it.

Proposal suggestions

Small and humble

A wedding proposal doesn’t have to be elaborately planned out for it to be special. If you want it to feel honest and natural, the best time to pop the question might be while you're enjoying each other’s company. You never know when the perfect moment might arise, so keep the ring handy – that spontaneous play fight on the sofa might turn into the ideal moment.

Simple yet romantic

You don’t have to break the bank to make a bit of an effort. Sometimes a humble stage is all you need for the big question. A picnic on top of a hill with a nice view is simple but romantic – expect bonus points if you make the food yourself.

Worth telling the grandchildren one day

Looking for a tale worth telling? The trick is to catch her off guard. Tell her you’re taking her for a night out somewhere nice. Then place the wedding ring where she keeps her jewellery. When she finds it, ask if she’d like to join you on her very first night out as your fiancé.

Undeniably unique

Some deception is required here. Make her think the situation is out of your control so she won’t suspect a thing. Escape to somewhere quaint, like the Coromandel. Plan to go out for dinner but neglect to make a booking. When the restaurant is unexpectedly ‘all booked out’, suggest going to the beach instead and have a surprise waiting there. Be creative with your surprise – maybe your friends could set up a small outdoor movie theatre projecting onto a white sheet in the trees.

The whole nine yards

Want to make the proposal truly memorable? Leave town. Even leave the country, if you can. Go somewhere completely different to create a sense of exploration and adventure, which is a big part of what marriage is about. Choose somewhere picturesque – how about underneath the Northern Lights in Alaska? If you're abroad, she'll be less like to phone/text everyone immediately after, making the moment more about the two of you.

Proposal etiquette

Should I ask for her father's permission before proposing?

Absolutely! But in the end it depends on your relationship with him. Sure, it may seem a tad cheesy and traditional but it’s worth doing, if appropriate. He’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve consulted him – it shows that you respect his wishes even at a stage in his daughter’s life when she is free to make her own decisions.

Am I supposed to get down on one knee?

You be the judge of this – you know her better than anyone. If you’re unsure, just go for it. Get romantic and make it a surprise. Chances are she’ll be telling the story of how you proposed a fair few times to friends and family – make it one worth telling.