If you’re not sure of your sweetheart’s taste in jewellery and you’re planning to propose, start with these suggestions before purchasing an engagement ring.

How much jewellery does she already wear?

The amount of jewellery she already has is a good indication of what she appreciates the most. Someone who doesn’t wear much jewellery in the first place probably won’t desire an elaborate rock on her ring finger. Go for something more discrete.

Does she usually buy her own jewellery?

If she purchases most of her own jewellery, it’s likely she likes to have control over the style – so you might want to wait until after the proposal to choose the ring together. On the other hand, she may enjoy retelling the story of how you got down on one knee with a ring you chose yourself.

Gold or silver colour?

It's a simple question, but one of the biggest ones to consider. There’s no point getting into the complexities of diamonds and carats if she prefers silver to gold. Take a sneak peek inside her jewellery box to get a fair idea of her preference.

How does she react to other jewellery?

Women can be pretty unsubtle when it comes to rings, necklaces and earrings. Keep an ear open to what she says about her friends’ jewellery – it shouldn’t be too difficult to pick up exactly what she loves. The same goes for walking past jewellery stores. What grabs her eye?

How detailed is the jewellery she already wears?

Is it understated or does it immediately catch your eye? Her current jewellery will say a lot about the type of engagement ring she might prefer – whether she wants it to be a feature, or something discrete but classy.